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Zhang Yadong and Sun Yang broke the world record f

08 Aug 2013

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Unfortunately, to make it up two years ago to get a gold medal after the men's 400 meter freestyle world cup jerseys , Sun Yang could break the world record in Barcelona? In this situation, it is very difficult.400 m freestyle monthsAlthough a 400-meter freestyle gold medal in the bag, though three minutes and 41 seconds 59 good results, but now has overall responsibility for training and competitions SUN Yan Zhang Yadong talking about this game, his face still filled with regret. "On that day (warm-up) with water, he told me that his hands cramp ...... Hey world cup jerseys ! Cramps if not, you can definitely score better."June 25 Su Yang, accompanied by Zhang Yadong, flew to Hong Kong from Hangzhou to Hong Kong Sports Institute will be closed training. A few days of training, Zhang Yadong's safe to say that: "Although only a month, but it's not a problem." At that time, Zhang Yadong right mind would have a bold vision - to break the men's 400 meters freestyle world record. Men's 400 meter freestyle world record Biddleman swimsuit in an era of rapid creation, with a score of 3 minutes and 40 seconds 07. Sun Jan closest to this entry advancements in London, the Olympics upstream of world cup jerseys , with a score of 3 minutes and 40 seconds 14.Within a month of training, can make almost half are not systematic training of the Armed Forces Yang broke the world record, it's too bold idea for making many people. However, in Hong Kong, Zhang Yadong, while good cooperation with Sun Yang, Yang Sun does state was very good recovery, especially in terms of speed, confidence is getting stronger.Before the game, in accordance with the status of Sun Yan, Zhang Yadong Sun Jan evaluate the 400-meter freestyle final score - broke the world record well, ok, at 3 minutes and 41 seconds team soccer uniforms . The result, though unexpected Zhang Yadong and Sun Yang broke the world record for going swimming.

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