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2:55 ratio to three, three days Guamu, who does no

30 Jul 2013

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Crooked verse cup of hot shame and courage to participate in the East Asian players were. Chinese soccer team to carry a stigma than five Asian Cup Expedition 3 to 3 draw with Japan, Asia's first team lost to Thailand, Youth Corps swept decadence, played bloody, gained fans and recognition in the media team soccer uniforms . At this point, I do not know cooperates with the Association of Football Camacho talks liquidated damages felt then? Listen, let's you pick a good team which bear? Have the audacity to ask for money? Since the coefficient of 5.3 to 3, a person of Chinese soccer team enough removed cruel, they commit Camacho, Fu Fu Bo started, and soon had a monkey, draw with Japan, South Korea, after two strong, Fu safe place for many, perhaps This fraternity of players soccer jerseys for cheap . What friends die Sino-Japanese War can not see who would bad Chinese football is really just playing for his older brother to life, can not win, can not lose tragic point do? I think that no matter what country football coaching relationship tastefully lakes are always more or less, as head coach, winning the loyalty of the members should be considered as a basic skill. From this point of view team soccer uniforms , is still obliged Camacho oven. Relationships are able to conquer the players tactical thinking coach can not only obtain unbiased implemented, but in times of crisis, the players really your life ah. I do not appropriate to say that the Chinese football team while playing a manner that does not win will not have to lose their jobs, as well as lighter than the Chinese gold rush it? But Mr. Camacho coaching, I have not seen matches your life to win, and I saw that they were losing their life world soccer shop , gather strength and determination to dismantle the old to Kara. Since the coefficient of 5.3 to 3, the old problem of maps, and of course, to blame, but the media and football fans holding a bloody face unanimously praised the attitude of the next think that's completely wrong. What is wrong? Inappropriate great! Small and said: What is a professional player? At least, to treat every game career, whether it's to see who likes which no amount of complaints play you must have a professional attitude: serious, cooperation and competitiveness! The large office, said to represent the country battle was put aside personal insults, football traditional project weakness of China, winning glory of the country can not afford, not as black team s. As coach of the problems set aside collective honor youth soccer jerseys , let the Chinese football as a mockery, this ratio is simply inexcusable. 1 to 5.3 to 3 show? Obviously, maybe 5 to 1, because there are claims against Camacho, the results of teamwork was neither professional nor patriotic, preferring to discredit the image of the country, but also wants to allow Camacho should turn around, really annoyed, sad!

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